The Man About Town

People don’t talk about the things that bring them joy or the things that are great locally. In August 2011, I decided to make a business because of just those reasons. LOCAL BESTS should be lifted up and discussed in this crazy world.

I’ve always shared what I thought to be greatness and with the brilliance of social media and the fact that I’ve lived in the area since 1973 AND being that I’m likeable enough, I began The Man About Town.

What is TMAT for a LOCAL BEST?

TMAT is the word of mouth marketing ingredient that every great person, business, or concept needs no matter how big you are. I have a 60 year old company on team. I have a 60 day concept on team. Out of sight; out of mind. Inversely, IN SIGHT; IN MIND.

You need to be talked about. The only thing that TMAT can promise is higher visibility and brand recognition.

What do you get?

• 30 other concepts within TMAT’s cache’ of LOCAL BESTS to network with
• Group meetings and receptions
• Better awareness of opportunities to engage our community
• Media opportunities when available’
• Increased LIKES on concept Facebook page
• Recognition on TMAT‘s page
• Recognition on my personal page
• Live video of your concept
• Link on TMAT website
• TMAT presence, upon request and availability, at functions pertinent to your business
• Anything that we can think of to expand your client recognition base (collaborative effort)