word of mouth marketing

Isn’t it time you were talked about?

The Man About Town™

Isn’t it time you were talked about?

word of mouth marketing

Isn’t it time you were talked about?

The Man About Town

Ray Weinshenker

People don’t talk about the things that bring them joy or the things that are great locally. In August 2011, I decided to make a business because of just those reasons. LOCAL BESTS should be lifted up and discussed in this crazy world.
I’ve always shared what I thought to be greatness and with the brilliance of social media and the fact that I’ve lived in the area since 1973 AND being that I’m likeable enough, I began The Man About Town.

You can be a LOCAL BEST™!

We’ve got a customized plan that will fit your budget and promote your business at the local level. Our job is to get the word out about your business through our extensive networking connections. Your job is to be ready for the additional customers that will come through your door as a result!

What is TMAT for a LOCAL BEST?

The Man About Town is the word of mouth marketing ingredient that every great person, business, or concept needs no matter how big you are. I have a 60 year old company on team. I have a 60 day concept on team. Out of sight; out of mind. Inversely, IN SIGHT; IN MIND.

What The Man About Town can offer you.
Word of Mouth Marketing.

You need to be talked about. You need visibility and brand recognition. What do you get?

• 30 other concepts within TMAT‘s cache’ of LOCAL BESTS to network with
• Group meetings and receptions
• Better awareness of opportunities to engage our community
• Media opportunities when available
• Increased LIKES on concept Facebook page
• Recognition on TMAT‘s page
• Recognition on my personal page
• Live video of your concept
• Link on TMAT website
• TMAT presence, upon request and availability, at functions pertinent to your business
• Anything that we can think of to expand your client recognition base (collaborative effort)

A few of our “LOCAL BESTS